Agro Trade Aps is a Polish-Danish company. We occupy ourselves in waste processing. We focus mainly on recycling ashes from burning biomass. Our Company strategy is to constantly evolve and innovate to provide for a safe and sustainable future.

Through many years of efforts and thorough research Agro Trade Aps acquired the permission for processing ashes from biomass burning with the codes 10 01 01, 10 01 03 and 10 01 99. Our company is consistent with the European Union politics of sustainable development by recycling bio-ashes, which are a very valuable resource. We always strive to provide our clients with a safe and sustainable solution. To fulfill these needs we cooperate closely with scientific institutions (universities and national institutes). Scientists are conducting field experiments to make sure that our products have the highest quality.

Our company provides processing of ashes coming from combustion of clean biomass without the addition of fossil fuels. We are able to guarantee processing and recycling of 100% delivered ashes.

Enviroment friendly

One of Agro Trade’s Sp. z o.o. strategic objectives in terms of “sustainable production” is to minimize the enviroment impact.


We cooperate with the Department of Agronomy of the West Pomeranian University of Technology.


We employs the best available technology (BAT) and constantly strives to improve and innovate.

Sustainable production is the most important pillar of Agro Trade’s

Our Offer

Our company allows for processing of ashes coming from combustion of clean biomass without the addition of fossil fuels. We are able to guarantee processing and recycling 100% of delivered ashes.

Our company strives to provide environmentally friendly and sustainable services for all our clients. To provide a complex service we:

  • guarantee processing of 100% of transferred waste in an environmentally friendly way into a green product that can serve farmers as an eco-friendly fertilizer,
  • take all legal responsibility for the waste once it leaves the clients facility,
  • organize transport and undertake to fulfil all the legal obligations towards the authorities of each respective country,
  • provide all the necessary documents to confirm the final processing of waste,
  • secure the financial guaranties for trans-border shipment of waste,
  • organize lab analysis of transported waste as well as provide storage of carbon copies of waste samples and documents, for a period of up to five years.

We employ the best available technology (BAT) and constantly strive to improve and innovate. This is why we cooperate with many scientific institutions (universities and national institutes), to be always on top of the technological advancements. We also run experiments and field trials to make sure that our products have the desired effect and are environmentally friendly.

Our patented treatment process is far more effective than the usual methods for treatment of ashes. The main advantage of our processing method is the fact that the resulting product is a safe and environmentally friendly fertilizer. This is in compliance with the rules of sustainable development. The ashes contain macro and microelements that plants extract from soil during their life cycle. After burning these substances are easily available and by processing ashes into a fertilizer we give back to the soil what was taken by plants. This is a green way of closing a cycle and returning macro and microelements to the soil. During processing ashes are being aggregated. This prevents dusting and serves for easier transport and use of the product by farmers.

CO2 efficient processing.

A common claim in science, states that using biomass for energy production has a zero balance of CO2 emission. But when using ashes for fertilizing arable land one can replace artificial fertilizers, thus decreasing CO2 emissions that arise from their production. This allows for an negative CO2 emission balance. For example - fertilizing arable land with ashes containing 8% of K2O in the amount of 6 t/ha allows for a decrease in CO2 emission by 330 kg CO2 per one hectare of arable area.



We cooperate with scientific institutions


We always minimize the enviroment impact


We give back to the soil what was taken by plants


Sustainable production is the most important pillar of Agro Trade’s

Sustainable production is the most important pillar of Agro Trade’s Aps constant development. The fundamental principle is that the company’s activities should be managed in a responsible and safe way. Agro Trade Aps has adopted an open information policy in this respect and undertakes activities aimed at caring for the environment.

Agro Trade’s Aps strategic objectives in terms of “sustainable production”:

  • Minimizing the environmental impact,
  • Developing cooperation with research units,
  • Building ecological awareness,
  • Applying BAT (Best Available Technologies) in our process lines,
  • Recycling - production and developing sustainable, eco-friendly products.

Using the best available technologies (BAT) and obtaining its own patents is helping to improve safety and, at the same time, build a competitive edge. The company initiates and actively participates in innovative research programs.

Good communication and a responsible attitude towards customers, employees, business partners and local communities are proof that Agro Trade Aps cares about its surrounding environment. It builds its external relationships on the basis of trust and the principle of partnership.

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